Best Science Movie :
The World’s Coolest LEGO Set! (UK, 10′) by Joshua Chawner
Stardust Odyssey by Tibo Pinsard
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie:Best Game Ever (HUN, 20′) by Kristóf Deák
Best VR/3D Movie:The room of Hermann (ITA, 9′) by Antonio Librera
Best Austrian Science / Sci-Fi Fantasy Movie:Wienerland (AUT, 68′) by Jan Woletz, Stefan Polasek

GENRE AWARDS 2020/2021

Best Biology MovieSmart Slime? (UK, 10′) by Juliette Martineau
Best Climate Related MovieReef Revolution (NZ, 9′) by Rebecca
Best Astronomy MovieSearching For Light (UK, 53′) by Adam Donneky
Best Space Exploration MovieThe Burn (GER, 11′) by Johannes Walden
Best Physics MovieSecrets of the Universe (USA, 42′) by Stephen Low
Best Technology MovieThe Other Side of Mars (FIN, 56′) by Minna Långström
Best History MovieHomo Sapiens : New Origins (FRA, 66′) by Olivier Julien
Best Medicine Movie
Stanley Plotkin: Pioneering the use of fetal cells to make rubella vaccine (USA, 20′) by Donald Rayne Mitchell
Best Animation MovieThe Magnificent Mesopelagic (UK, 3′) by Mair Perkins
Best Austrian Space MovieSpace Dogs (AUT, 91′) by Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter
Best Austrian Climate Related MovieGreenland Caves Project (AUT, 5′) by Gina Moseley
Best Austrian VR Movie TX-Reverse (AUT, 5′) by Martin Reinhart, Virgil Widrich
Special Mention as the Best FantasyThe Quiet (AUS, 10′) by Radheya Jegatheva
Special Mention

Eternity (UKR, 24′) by Anna Sobolevska
Fire at Chernobyl (DNK, 14′) by Ash Khatibi
Stolen light (NL, 50′) by Peter Bosman
Artists up close (360° 3D VR Series) (GER, 7′) by Walter Schönenbröcher
Wind of Changes (16′, AUT) by Johannes Rass
Thinking with the Hands (10′, AUT) by Mersolis Schöne

HONORARY AWARDS 2020/2021 will be published in 2022